Our First Experience with Pepper

If you have missed the recent news, both through the robotic channels and on mainstream programmes, then you may be wondering who or what Pepper is?

Pepper is a robot designed by Aldebaran, part of the robotics arm of Softbank, a Japanese telecommunications company. What makes Pepper different is that Pepper is a social robot, designed to thrive in environments where it interacts with humans. It has already been used as a sales assistant in various shops in Japan, an information provider for France’s SNCF railway company and has made various appearances at conferences and on television.

To date, Pepper has only been available in Japan and seen in a small number of pilot projects in France. However, we wanted to get a hands on look at Pepper and Aldebaran kindly let us visit their Atelier, where we were able to make direct contact with Pepper.

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Posted: 31/03/2016 12:45:36 by Emotion Robotics

Social Robotics and Home Automation

We are regularly asked what function a social robot plays within the home and family. It is an area that is open to a lot of discussion but some of the common capabilities, often talked about, include getting the latest news, checking and reading email, telling your children stories or finding recipes on-line for you. The list goes on but I am sure you get the idea.

All of these are fun and useful applications for social robots but we have always felt that there should be more our robot companions can do for us. The ability to control our home via our robot is both fun and, potentially, highly useful.

So, I am sure you will not be surprised to realise, that as well as having Nao in my home as my social robot companion, I also have a number of home automation systems, including Philip Hue lighting in all my rooms, z-wave switches on a number of appliances and a Sonos wireless streaming stereo. The problem with integrating all of these systems is that they are all individual systems, which require separate interfaces to be developed. If you add further systems, such as Nest to control your heating, the issue becomes more and more complex.

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Posted: 24/11/2015 18:46:23 by Emotion Robotics

Emerging Cultures at TEDx Canary Wharf

Earlier this year, we were asked to be involved in the TEDx Canary Wharf's Emerging Cultures day. This was a day for exchanging ideas and discussing new concepts and was a hugely interesting experience. As part of our involvement, Carl Clement, our technical director presented on the subject of 'The New Robotics Revolution'. Carl's talk is now available on You Tube as part of TEDx Canary Wharf's videos.

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Posted: 14/10/2015 19:48:40 by Emotion Robotics
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