Making Business better
through the social
application of technology

Pepper is a very social Robot and wants to interact and engage with your clients


Increase new customer footfall


Enhance customer experience


Improve customer retention

In today's information economy, with readily available access to technology, and an on-demand culture, how will you ensure your clients are engaged?


The evolution of social robotics is changing the way companies are engaging, supporting and retaining their customers. By utilising leading edge, interactive technology, packaged with an approachable and friendly appearance, businesses are creating new ways to:

  • Enhance customer experience
  • Increase new customer footfall
  • Improve customer retention
Offer your customers a unique experience. Pepper can welcome them, support them in the early stages of their journey through your products and services. Guide them according to their demands or desires. Connected to your CRM, sales tools, or pre-programmed with relevant information, the robot can provide information, both simple and complex, to assist directly and can even call staff when needed. Using interactive animations and demonstrations, Pepper will entertain your customers, inform them and optimize the performance of your staff.

With integration into your existing business management systems, Pepper can provide a new way for customers to, not only, find out about you and your products, but to also provide a fun and intuitive way for you to gather feedback from them.

At Emotion Robotics we belive that the content presented by your robots is key to their success in your business. With easily managed content provided via your robots, you can create an experience that will draw your customers back to you time and time again.

Wondering how robots could benefit your business? Contact us today to discuss how we can help you join the robotics evolution.

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