Develop with Nao

Robotics is evolving. Be a part of it, join the evolution.

Nao is a very social Robot and is waiting to see where you will take him


The leading commercially available social robotics platform.


Fully programmable with extensive interactive capabilities.


Programmable in Python, Java, C++ and Aldebaran's own Choregraphe GUI.

With today’s technology-based economy and the emergence of robots, not just in the workplace, but in our homes, Emotion Robotics is pleased to present NAO, the most advanced commercially available social robot.

NAO, from Aldebaran Robotics, represents the leading hardware and software platform for investigating and learning about social robotics. Whether you are a developer, parent or just an interested hobbyist, NAO provides a state-of-the-art experience.

Available with prebuilt applications, an ‘App Store’ and programming tools from simple ‘drag and drop’ through to Java, Python and C++ SDKs, NAO delivers everything you need today and will need in the future.

Emotion Robotics is here to help and guide you to your goal, be it with training, support or bespoke development services. As a founding member of the UK NAO User Group, Emotion Robotics is instrumental in providing educational events, conferences and social events such as hackathons based on the NAO platform.

Watch Nao working for Development


  • 25 Degrees of Freedom
  • Intel Atom Processor
  • 2 x HD cameras
  • 4 x High Quality microphones
  • Tactile sensors (head, hands, feet)
  • WiFi
  • Sonar
  • 3 Axis Gyro & 3 Axis Accelerometer
  • Embedded Linux based OS
  • On-board Python and C++
  • Remote Python, C++, Java
  • Inbuilt face recognition, people perception, speech recognition, trainable object recognition
  • Supplied with the Aldebaran software suite, including Choregraphe and Monitor

Find out more about Nao

Nao is available to developers in the 'Develop with Robots' package, including access to the Aldebaran's Choregraphe GUI IDE, and SDKs in Python, C++, Java and Matlab. The package includes access to Aldebaran's application validation service and the ability to distribute your applications on the Aldebaran App Store for Nao. All this is available from £4899 plus VAT. Why not contact us to discuss your options today.


Nao in Action