Using robotics to create a unique and engaging education experience

Assist Kids with Nao

Assist for Autism and Special Needs

Assist for Autism and Special Needs is a new, web browser based solution for special needs education. Creating an easier way for teachers to manage the interactions between their students and Nao, at all levels.

Assist for Autism and Special Needs provides a teaching solution designed to engage and enthral your students, while bringing the benefits of ease of use and flexibility for the teaching staff.

Building on our involvement with the Aldebaran/SoftBank Robotics Europe Assist Kids with Nao program, we are pleased to offer the next generation of teaching tool for Nao. Assist for Autism utilises the Softbank Robotics Europe Nao robot as a teaching companion for individual and group activities, and offers a tablet based, intuitive interface for teachers and caring staff.

Nao and Pepper for Education

Nao and Pepper allow you to create an engaging and interactive classroom experience for students of all ages. Whether you are teaching basic skills to infant school children or programming and engineering to secondary school and university students, we help teachers and education professionals to create the perfect robotic teaching solution for all learning environments.

Nao and Pepper

STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and maths) are brought to life with this visceral, highly interactive learning experience. And NAO is especially successful when used to engage children with special learning challenges, such as autism.

Both Nao and Pepper are fully functional, humanoid, social robots. Supplied complete with development tools for Python, Java and C++, as well as an application store of ready to run robotics applications. Nao and Pepper can take your classroom experience to a new level.