From training to consultancy and bespoke development, Emotion Robotics is here to help.

Emotion Robotics has a proven track record of working with Nao and providing world class services


The UK’s leading provider of bespoke robotic experiences.


Introductory level and advanced training, tailored to your needs.


Bespoke development, backed by over 4 years experience of social robotics and Nao.

At Emotion Robotics we believe that social robotics will be the next 'big thing'. Just as we have seen the home computer turn into the home PC and drive the development of the internet, we believe that social robotics will develop into an area that will have a profound affect on how we live our lives.

The services and consultancy we offer are tailored and shaped to help you get up and running with Nao and social robotics as quickly as possible. Nao is an amazing platform but it is up to all of us to develop that platform into real world solutions to everyday problems. Nao is the platform and we can help you realise your solution.

  • Supply of Nao, Assist for Autism and Teach with Robots solutions
  • Setup and ongoing support of your robots
  • Half day and day workshops tailored to your students
  • Staff training
  • Social robotics consultancy
  • Solution integration consultancy
  • Bespoke development services (Pepper/Nao)
  • Training on the Aldebaran Software Suite
  • Courses on NaoQi and the SDKs
  • Supply of Nao

Nao in Action