Understanding how to operate and program your robot can be a daunting prospect. With over 10 years experience with Nao and Pepper, we can help you. We offer training to cover everything from operation and use, through to introductory and advanced NaoQi programming courses. We can even build a custom course to meet your exact requirements.

We have always considered ourselves very lucky, we have been able to work with robots for the last 10 years. Our experience can help you get up and running with your Pepper or Nao project quickly and cost effectively. Whether you have skilled developers, who understand your business and your message, but they are new to robotics, or your marketing and events team need to understand how to operate and use your new robots, we can help them become effective quickly.

Our training staff have years of experience working with NaoQi, the SoftBank Robotics operating system, on both Pepper and Nao. They have worked on commercial projects with the robots and understand the pitfalls awaiting your team. Let us help them achieve what you require. Our courses include:

  • Introduction to Robot Operation

    A one day course to introduce your operations staff to working with your new robots. We will cover transportation and handling, operational use, application management, and much much more.

    1 day course, at your premises, from £650

  • Introduction to Robot Application Development

    A three day course to introduce your development staff to developing for your new robots. We will cover all of the basic modules used on NaoQi to create interactive applications that bring your robots to life.

    3 day course, at your premises, from £1950

  • Advanced Robot Application development

    A two day course to extend your development staff's skills in developing on Pepper and Nao. Building on the "Introduction to Robot Application development" course, we will cover such areas as integrating with other system, navigation and advanced interaction and user experience design.

    2 day course, at your premises, from £1300


If you have a specific requirement for your training course, please let us know, we are happy to work with you to build a course that address your requirements.