Transport Cases

Transporting expensive equipment is always a concern, especially if your robots are travelling longer distances or across continents. We move our robots about a lot for demonstrations and exhibitions, so have investigated and tried many transport solutions.These are our preferred, available to you, to protect your devices.

Pepper Flight Case

Our Pepper flight case has been designed to protect your robot and make moving it as easy as possible. Designed to take the original shipping inserts from SoftBank Robotic's cardboard box, the flight case has a lift off door, allowing Pepper to sit snugly inside, and have the front protective foam in the door. Once closed, the unit has a range of features to help transport your unit:

  • Wheels on the rear, lower of the case for easy movement
  • Handles all around, double handles on the top and bottom, with single handles to sides
  • Skid bars on the back and bottom to ensure the case is easy to stand and lay flat
  • Aluminium construction with black honeycomb design panel inserts
  • Four heavy duty lid clasps, each featuring padlock eyelets

We have been using this case to transport our Peppers for over a year and, although adding to the weight of the unit, find it easy move and offers much peace of mind. For reference, this case will fit in a large estate car, such as a 2009 Volvo V70, with the rear seats folded down.

Dimensions (approximate): Height 142cm, Depth 60.5cm, width 59.5cm 

Price: £1100 plus VAT and delivery


Nao Transport Case

Our Nao transport solution is an injection-moulded travel case that's watertight, dustproof and crushproof. The strong but lightweight case has a highly durable protective shell built from resilient HPX polymer that resists impact even in low temperature laboratory testing. With wheel and an extendable handle for ease of mobility.

The case is supplied empty, ready to take the original polystyrene foam your NAO robot was supplied in. This fits between the internal wheel housings leaving a small gap either side for the storage of a slim laptop.

These cases have proven themselves as we have been using them with our NAO robots for over 7 years and are very happy with them.


Price: £350 plus VAT and delivery