Nao Accessories


Nao Battery

Nao Battery

Offical Nao Battery:

  • Use as a spare or a replacement battery for your Nao


Price: £200.00 plus VAT and delivery


Nao Charger


Offical Nao Charger


Price: £200.00 plus VAT and delivery


Nao Transport Case

Our Nao transport solution is an injection-moulded travel case that's watertight, dustproof and crushproof. The strong but lightweight case has a highly durable protective shell built from resilient HPX polymer that resists impact even in low temperature laboratory testing. With wheel and an extendable handle for ease of mobility.

The case is supplied empty, ready to take the original polystyrene foam your NAO robot was supplied in. This fits between the internal wheel housings leaving a small gap either side for the storage of a slim laptop.

These cases have proven themselves as we have been using them with our NAO robots for over 7 years and are very happy with them.


Price: £350 plus VAT and delivery