Meet MiRo-E

Miro-E Robot

MiRo-E is the next evolution of the popular MiRo-B robot, created in association with leading universities and educationalists. Designed by the award winning Sebastian Conran Associates studio, as a loveable companion robot platform, MiRo is the next generation of educational, personal and companion robots. Going beyond todays gadgets to creating rewarding engagement with everyone it meets.

Envisioned to be friendly and animal-like, rather than human-like, people respond to MiRo with a different set of expectations, creating a fun and emotionally satisfying experience, opening up endless possibilities in the education, research and life companion fields.

Building upon the MiRo-B robot, which is still used by researchers and developers around the World, Miro-E has been completely re-engineered, with new mechatronics and software creating an ideal companion that has been evolved for education.

Whether in pastoral/demonstration mode, straight out of the box, or working in MiRoCODE or python, MiRo-E creates an engaging, immersive experience for students of all ages and all level. Start with MiRoCODE, a Blockly based, graphical programming tool and simulator, then, as your students advance, engage MiRo-E's deeper functionality through python and ROS, either on-board the robot's raspberry pi, or running your code off-board on a remote computer.

MiRo-E in Education

Miro-E is the perfect way to introduce students to STEM subjects. With its combination of mechatronics, allowing discussions in engineering and mathematics, sensors, introducing electronics and sensing, and a Blockly based programming environment, Miro-E creates socially engaging and interactive classroom experiences, allowing students to enjoy STEM subjects, learn quickly and create real world results.

Coding lessons should be engaging and rewarding, but, most of all, they should produce results. That can be a challenge with traditional, software only teaching tools. Miro-E brings a whole new aspect to teaching coding.

Gone are the abstract issues of coding in software alone, MiRo-E brings a real world affect to the classroom environment. MiRo-E helps engage the imagination, encourages lateral thinking and helps develop problem solving skills, while being a cute and engaging companion. Engage more students, more deeply into your STEM programs with MiRo-E.

MiRo-E interacts with its environment and with your students. It can see, hear and detect when it is touched, bringing endless opportunities to engage your students creativity, letting them create activities that relate to real world issues.

MiRo-E even comes with a simple to use, visual programming tool, complete with a MiRo simulator, allowing your pupils to experiment and develop their applications iteratively. They can write code, test in MiRoSim, tweak to add functionality and then test again. When they are ready, they can easily launch their application on a real MiRo-E robot!

Miro-E in class

What is MiRoCODE


MiRoCODE is the easiest way to get started with coding on MiRo-E. It provides a graphical representation of the program, using Blockly, that is easier for students to grasp as they start to learn to program. Using colorful icons and graphical presentation of code, MiRoCODE makes coding visually digestible, increasing your students confidence and easying their journey into programming. Additionally, the python code that actually run on the robot is available in the environment, allowing students to see the code they are developing and easying their transition to more traditional, text based programming languages.

In addition to the visual coding tools, the MiRoCODE environment includes MiRoSIM, a fully functional simulated robot. Every student can have their own virtual Miro-E, allowing a whole school to learn programming with only a few physical robots.

Once your students have developed and tested their code in MiRoSIM, the graphical environment allows for easy installation of the code to your real world MiRo-E. Just the click of a couple of buttons and their application is working on MiRo-E.

MiRo-E in Research

MiRo-E provides a highly versatile, fully featured platform for human-robot interaction research. Supporting both on-board control (via the internal Raspberry Pi), off-board control (via WiFi and Bluetooth)and with a full physics enabled simulator, MiRo-E spans projects from machine learning through human robot interaction and on to robot assisted therapy and biomimetics.

MiRo-E is designed with an emotionally engaging personality, by the talented design team led by award winning designer Sebastian Conran, and biomimetic, "brain based" robotics experts Professor Tony Prescott and Dr Ben Mitchinson. MiRo-E is designed to push forward the next generation of functionality for animal-like robot companions. MiRo-E provides the opportunity for you to design the functionality of future companions robots, utilising its unique brain inspired control system, or developing your own control systems through ROS and the MiRo Developers Kit (MDK).

Additionally, MiRo-E's autonomous mode, provides an engaging, out of the box experience, based upon animal-like, organic behaviour, based on the design team's research into biomemetic robotics and systems. With the addition of both MiRoCODE and the MiRo Developers Kit, the possibilities are endless; from human-robot interaction in care for the elderly, through to support for those living with dementia, and assistance for children and young people on the autism spectrum. MiRo-E provides a unique platform to explore the next generation of companion and assistive technologies.

Miro-E In Research

MiRo-E and Emotion Robotics

Miro-E and Emotion Robotics

We love educational robots and believe that MiRo-E is a real game changer. With a highly competitive entry price and huge capabilities, MiRo-E is perfect for all levels of education and research. However, historically, education robots have been complex to setup, difficult to learn and even harder to maintain. MiRo-E changes all of that and we are here to help you get the maximum from your MiRo-E.

Not only can we supply your MiRo-E but we also offer:

  • On-site setup and training for your teaching staff
  • Ongoing support for both the robot and for your development projects
  • Classroom support material
  • Custom developed applications for specialist areas such as SEN and autism - coming soon.

The Anatomy of MiRo-E

Miro-E Inside Front
Miro-E Inside Side