About Pepper

Pepper Robot

Pepper understands your emotions

As one of the best humanoid robots in the world, Pepper is capable of identifying the principal emotions of joy, sadness, anger or surprise. He is also capable of interpreting a smile, a frown, your tone of voice, as well as the words you use and non-verbal language such as the angle of your head.

The combination of all this information enables the robot to determine what mood the person interacting with him is in. This creates a unique environment where Pepper can provide a tailored, interactive and engaging experience.

More about pepper

Hearing and Speaking: Pepper's 4 directional microphones allow him to detect where sound is coming from to locate your position, while also allowing him to understand what your saying and to identify the emotions transmitted by your voice.

Vision: Pepper contains 2 HD cameras as well as a 3D camera in his head. This allows him to identify movements, objects and faces with enough detail to recognise emotions.

Connection: Connected directly to the internet with his onbuilt wifi, pepper always has access to the most up to date information.

Tablet: Pepper uses his 10.1 inch tablet to help you make choices, but also to express his own emotions.

Emotion Engine: By perceiving and analysing your emotions, pepper is able to adapt his attitude to suit your own as closely as possible. This constant dialogue between perception, adaptation, learning and choice is the result of what is known as the emotion engine

Movement: You will be amazed by peppers flexibility and fluidity in his movements! His 3 Multi-directional wheels enable him to move around freely at a maximum speed of 3 km/h. 20 engines allow control of his movements with great precision. Pepper's anti-collision system detects both people and objects to reduce the risk of unexpected collisions.

Battery: Even with all of the motors and sensors inside of Pepper, his high capacity battery gives approximately 12 hours of autonomy.

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