Our Solutions

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Robot Content Manager

Whether it is your website, printed promotional material or your robot, content is the key element to successfully expressing your message. The Robot Content Management System (RCMS) provides a simple to use web accessible, browser interface to allow your content producers to create and edit content. Allowing you to vary and change how and what your Pepper or Nao presents, without entering a new, and potentially costly, development cycle.

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Assist for Autism

Assist for Autism and Special Needs provides a teaching solution designed to engage and enthral your students, while bringing the benefits of ease of use and flexibility for the teaching staff. Creating an easier way for teachers to manage the interactions between their students and Nao, at all levels. Building on our involvement with the Aldebaran/SoftBank Robotics Europe Assist Kids with Nao program, we are pleased to offer the next generation of robot teaching companion for individual and group activities, offering a tablet based, intuitive interface for teachers and caring staff.

Classroom with kids

Pepper Launcher

Pepper is great, providing voice control and launching of applications, but sometimes, such as in noisy environments, an easy non-verbal method can be preferable. The Pepper Launcher provides a configurable, easy to use application launcher for Pepper, right there, on her tablet. 

Pepper and Nao


Understanding how to operate and program your robot can be a daunting task. With over 10 years experience with Nao and Pepper, we can help you. We offer training to cover everything from operation and use, through to introductory and advanced NaoQi programming courses. We can even build a custom course to meet your exact requirements.