Pepper Launcher

Pepper is great, providing voice control and launching of applications, but sometimes, such as in noisy environments, an easy, non-verbal method of starting applications can be preferable. The Pepper Launcher provides a configurable, easy to use application launcher, right there, on Pepper's tablet.

Pepper Launcher Interface

Pepper Launcher is an application that run continually on your Pepper. It provides a branded screen on Pepper's tablet, customised to your organisation, with two additional button displayed in the lower part of the tablet. These buttons give you direct access to basic configuration information, such as Pepper's IP address and volume, and to a configurable list of Choregraphe behaviours installed on the robot. Each icon in the application launcher is taken from the application icon of the behaviour.

You can configure what applications are displayed on the launcher screen and can launch any of the available applications with a tap on Pepper's tablet, regardless of the noise level of your operating environment.

Pepper launcher is available for NaoQi 2.5.5 and above, for all your Choregraphe applications,from just £900 including brand customisation.