Robot Content Manager

The Robot Content Manager provides an easy way for Pepper and Nao users to author and control the content used on their robots. We all know that content is king when communicating with your customers and even your colleagues, but how do you ensure that your content on Pepper and Nao is up to date and appropriate for your audience. Traditionally, changing content on your robot involves a development team and cost associated with redeveloping your application. The Robot Content Manager addresses this, allowing content to be easily created and updated, then sent to your robot where it can be played. 
Nao Robot
The Robot Content Manager supports both Pepper and Nao, allowing content to be shared between the robots. The intuitive editor interface allows non-developers to create and define content using images, video and mp3 content. With synchronisation modules and standard players ready off of the shelf. 
Assist for Autism
The Robot Content Manager is integrated into our range of solutions. With Assist for Autism and Special Needs, custom stories, card games, and dances/songs. In our care solution range you can create poems, stories, exercise routines and memory activities, as well as creating content tailored for individual residents and patients.
The Robot Content Manager is supplied with standard readers for Pepper and Nao, but we understand that we cannot meet every requirement you may have. To address the need to develop custom readers for your content, we have a set of choregraphe boxes and supporting APIs to allow your developers to build your content into your application. Alternatively, we can work with you and develop players to your requirements. 

Robot Requirements

The RCM system supports Nao (NaoQi version 2.1.4 and above) and Pepper (NaoQi version 2.5.5 and above). For any other platforms please contact our partner Luca Robotics. Your robot will require the following applications to be installed on it:

  • RCM Synchronisation module

    The synchronisation module communicates with the CMS and copies content from the central RCM system to the local storage on the robot.

  • RCM Player Application

    The RCM player application provides the user interface for the content you have created, when it is played on the robot. The standard player application is available as part of your subscription to the RCM service, however, should you have additional requirements, custom players can be developed for you.

  • Custom Player Applications (Optional)

    A set of Choregraphe boxes and supporting files are available to allow custom players to be developed by your development staff.

Starting from as little as £150 per month per robot (education discounts available), contact us to find out how the Robot Content Manager can help you deliver better content faster.