Research Papers

Below are some of the research papers produced by teams looking into the use of robots with children on the autism spectrum:

Initial Response in HRI- a Case Study on Evaluation of Child with Autism Spectrum Disorders Interacting with a Humanoid Robot NAO

"....supports our hypothesis that the humanoid robot NAO serves as a significant platform to support and initiate interaction in children with ASD."

Autism assessment through a small humanoid robot

"....Results obtained incite us to focus on the development of a more structured set of therapeutic activities involving both doctors, robots and children affected by Autistic Spectrum Disorder."

Can NAO Robot Improve Eye-Gaze Attention of Children with High Functioning Autism?

"....The results of the current study provide evidence that participants with ASD can learn to interact with the humanoid robot and engage in an important social-communicative behavior (i.e., making and maintaining eye contact)."

Educational Robot for Children with ADHD/ADD

" near future assistive robotic platforms will be used in kindergartens, hospitals, and homes in training and therapeutic programs that monitor, encourage, and assist their users."

Promoting question-asking in school-aged children with autism spectrum disorders

"....The findings in this study provide support for using robots in interventions for children with ASD."

Human-Robot Interaction Intervention Therapy Procedure for Initial Response of Autism Children with Humanoid Robot

"....Interacting with Humanoid Robot NAO generates more concerntration level to the Autism Children and they are more focus when they are exposed to the modules in the Robot-based Intervention Program."